Hi! I'm Meike, a UX Designer and UI Developer.


Who am I?

I was born and raised close to Hamburg in Germany. After doing my bachelor's in computer science and media I worked as a software developer for five years.

I enjoy coding very much but I also became more and more interested in UX design. I therefore moved to Sweden to do my Master's in HCI.

Thus, I'm now on a journey to learn more about human-centred design. I aim to make useful products that empower people. Those products need to be well designed, on the technical side, but maybe even more importantly on the human side of things.


During the design process, I have found myself particularly engaged during the phases of user research, concept generation (sketches, wireframes, workshops), prototyping (with tools like Axure or directly in code) and user experience evaluations.

An area I am interested, but less confident in, is visual design.

Besides that, I have a strong interest in interactions beyond the Web as explored in my thesis (see "Works"). I also enjoy hardware prototyping with Arduino and/or wood quite a lot.



I'm a very curious person that loves to learn something new every day. Thus, besides studying HCI, I started to learn Swedish when I moved to Sweden. Lately, I have started to understand most of normal conversations. It's very interesting to see how much more insights into a culture one gets when not having to rely on translation of others.

I realised that the ability to dive into a certain culture and create a deeper understanding is something which is important for becoming a designer as well. It's not enough to directly ask users what they want. Only if the designer and the humans they're are designing for, start speaking the same "language", they can come up with ideas for products that can make an impact.